Staples: It's Pro Time

At the end of 2016, Staples' business was failing. Consumers didn't know about the brand's business consultancies, and retail competitors seemingly provided faster service and bigger selection.

This gave us an opportunity to stop talking about what Staples sells and start discussing why the brand exists: to help the world work — to provide the supply-set for professional mindsets.

We highlighted the trustworthiness, focus, and work-ethic of pros, particularly those whom Staples helps the most but who rarely feel the spotlight. The janitors, administrators, and sales associates who care about the role they play in society.

Four months later, having originally asked for a 30-second TV commercial, Staples now had their fourth new tagline in their 30-year history and a 360-campaign that took them out of the store and into people’s lives.

Staples. It's Pro Time.

Execution Type: Full rebrand across Broadcast / Print / OOH / Digital Film / In-Store / Event / Website

Role: Concept and Creative Direction 

Team: Roberto Santellana, Craig Andrew Smith, Soomean Chang, Keith Matland, Mark Radcliffe

FilmJJaci Judelson (dir) // Danny Hiele (dp)

Press: Bloomberg News, Boston Globe, Yahoo! Finance, AdAge, Office Products International (yes, it’s a real thing)

We created a 30-second spot that spelled out exactly what it meant for each of us to be a pro.

And, because work ethic is eternal, we played our story against the poem "Work" by late 19th/early20th-century poet, Henry Van Dyke

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 10.31.53 AM.png